Southboro VHF & UHF – AE1C

Frequency145.27 MHz and 448.375 MHz
Offset-0.6 MHz on VHF, -5.0 MHz on UHF
Color Code7 on VHF, 1 on UHF
LocationSouthboro, MA

Southborough (often shortened to “Southboro” or just “Sobo”) is home to two DMR repeaters for the club, one on VHF and one on UHF.

Timeslot 1 Talkgroups

Talkgroup IDLink StatusDescription
759Full-timeSKYWARN / 911
13PTTWorldwide English
3Full-timeNorth America
8801PTTNE Tac 1
3109PTTCT Statewide
3133PTTNH Statewide
113PTTUA 113
123PTTUA 123
310PTTTAC 310
311PTTTAC 311

Timeslot 2 Talkgroups

Talkgroup IDLink StatusDescription
3181Full-timeNew England Wide
8Full-timeRegion North
3125Full-timeMA Statewide
8802PTTNE Tac 2
9Full-timeLocal Site
430′ SS tower, home to AE1C repeaters