New England Digital Emergency Communications Network

Hot Spot and Gateway Access

Hot Spots
NEDECN will permit Hot Spot connections for the convenience of NEDECN Members in areas of poor repeater coverage, or those who are traveling and away from New England for seasonal or other reasons.  A limited subset of talk groups will be provided through our IPSC2-NEDECN Server and our partner IPSC2-CAN-TRBO Gateway.  Any abuse or technical issues such as looping, cross-linking, high loss rates or robotic keyups will result in blocking of the user at fault.  
Further configuration info can be found at:
Please support both CAN-TRBO and NEDECN through reasonable donations!
Current access to the NEDECN IPSC-2 Hot Spot server provides the following Talk Groups:
  • 759 Skywarn
  • 3109 CT
  • 3123 ME
  • 3125 MA
  • 3133 NH
  • 3144 RI
  • 3150 VT
  • 3181 NE Wide
  • 8801 NETAC1
  • 8802 NETAC2
  • 8804 Capenet

**Hot Spot Office Hours Tech Net**

Every Thursday night, after the SKYWARN net, there will be a discussion group on NETAC1 talk group for Questions, Answers and Presentations regarding DMR, Hot Spots and all related digital topics.  This will commence at 8 PM.  Go here for further information:  Hot Spot Office Hours

HBLink and DMR Bridges
NEDECN is focused on providing a reliable, quality communications infrastructure throughout the New England states.  To meet that objective we require a controlled, authenticated network architecture.  Experimental software gateways have not provided the level of control and network management that our repeater owners and trustees require.  No HBlink gateways and DMR Bridges meet NEDECN criteria.  Any such links will be terminated.