Loading and Protocols

Over time we knew that traffic loads would migrate from DX talk groups to more local ones, once the novelty of DMR wore off.  Less QSOs on World Wide and North America TGs, more on TAC, State and Regional ones.  As such, it appears that:

  • New England Wide has become the de facto “Calling” Channel (also used for the Monday Net)
  • Private and small Group QSOs migrate to the TACs (NETAC1 and 2, TAC310, etc.)
  • Region North and Northeast are unnecessary
  • State Talk Groups are popular for nets, small and large groups
As a recap, here are the Nets currently active on NEDECN:
Mon. 8 PM – New England Wide Net 3181
Tues. 8 PM- Vermont Net 3150
Wed.  8 PM- YCCC Contesting and DX Net
Thur. 8 PM- New Hampshire Net 3133
Fri.     8 PM- ME, CT, RI?
Sat.    8 PM- New England Swap Net (Think NEARFEST, Hoss Traders)
Sun.   8 PM- Providence Radio Assn. Net

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