New England Digital Emergency Communications Network
Mesh Networking

Mesh Networking

As mentioned recently, NEDECN has signed a collaboration agreement with Merrimack Valley Amateur Radio Association (MVARA).  Under this agreement NEDECN provides space on our towers, where feasible, for MVARA microwave network equipment.  This collaborative effort provides backup and in some cases primary, network connectivity between our DMR repeaters, and tower space to extend the MVARA network.

The MVARA has operated a microwave network in Manchester (NH) for 3 years.  It connects Elliot Hospital, Catholic Medical Center, Manchester EOC and Manchester Radio Group.  As an IP-based network it can carry most services the internet provides.
The first microwave installations occurred on October 2nd on Crotched Mtn and on October 3rd on Mt. Uncanoonuc.  In addition to providing independence and resilience to our repeater network connections, these links will also utilize microwave spectrum, one of the ARRL’s Spectrum Utilization goals.  We must use it or lose it!
More information regarding these initiatives can be found on the following websites:
Here is a link to a post by Rob K1UI about collaboration between MVARA and NEDECN.

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  1. Bruce Beauregard

    No nodes in Vermont. Can I get some guidance in setting a test node at home to learn more (no outside antenna, tunneling?)?

    I live in Essex Junction…

    Bruce, N1JGB

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