New England Digital Emergency Communications Network
Hot Spot Server Talk Groups

Hot Spot Server Talk Groups

Current access to the NEDECN IPSC-2 Hot Spot server provides the following Talk Groups:
  • 759 Skywarn
  • 3109 CT
  • 3123 ME
  • 3125 MA
  • 3133 NH
  • 3144 RI
  • 3150 VT
  • 3181 NE Wide
  • 8801 NETAC1
  • 8802 NETAC2
  • 8804 Capenet


    1. Brian Wall

      We have been there every week from 8-9. NETAC1 is PTT so if you don’t key up you won’t hear anything. Also if no one has questions, we usually have conversation but sometimes it is idle and we just call out every ten minutes or so and ask for questions or check-ins.

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